Artist Kelley Eggert Workshop



Workshop with Kelly Eggert

Saturday, Sept. 28, 2013

Artist’s Statement :

“We live in an engineered world. Science alters the DNA of natural organisms as if it were fine-tuning a machine. Biotechnology creates machines that mimic nature. Lines between “the natural” and “the manmade” are blurring as genetic modification and biomorphic products infiltrate our daily lives.

As a population, we consume thousands of genetically modified foods without knowledge of the long-term consequence. The mash up of genetic code sewn into the earth is changing the nature of the food we eat and the fragile ecosystem we depend on.

My sculptures address biotechnology by embodying both organism and machine. Inspired formally and behaviorally by insects, the transgenic mechanical organisms are growing from rigid cubes of dirt. Primarily made from clay, I choose alternative materials that would be traditionally used as accessory.  In the spirit of advertising, I dress them up so they appear palatable to the consumer.  Upon closer inspection it is clear to see the underlying danger of the designer organism.

To begin my sculptures I make a template using the details from an insect head. The templates are traced onto slabs of cone 5 b-mix clay. I manipulate the slabs.  The slabs are attached to create a three-dimensional form and further built upon. I am careful to think ahead and prepare the sculpture for post-fire additions.  I bisque fire to cone 06, apply a wash, fire to cone 5 then apply color via china paints and lusters. The over-glazes are fired multiple times between cone 016 and 020.”

$90/ 4hr Artist Workshop

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