Lotus’ vision

Lotus’ vision is to create the awareness, growth, and appreciation for clay in the Houston area through connecting with other artists and education of the history, craft, and concepts of clay. 

Lotus' vision in teaching at the wheel.


Lotus' vision in the early days. 2013

TCC 2013

Third Coast Clay


Lotus opened Third Coast Clay with a 300 sq. ft. studio rental above Ceramic Store. 

Teaching one day and evening class a week. She offered open studio by the hour on Sundays and group pottery parties for up to 8. 

Master Potter V Chin

Potter and friend

Master Potter V Chin was renting a small studio down the hall teaching 2-3 students at a time. He suggested they take a look at a vacant house he bought and consider turning it into a teaching studio. 



Lotus' vision collaborating with V Chin

Lotus' vision TCC Build Out on Louise

TCC on Louise

louise street 

2014 New studio in the making


At the end of 2014, Third Coast Clay moved from the rental studio to the house studio. Lotus began offering classes on Monday’s and Tuesday’s. 

In 2015, Lotus hired Stacy Kuropata, one of her former UH students, as the Tuesday evening instructor. 

In 2016, Becky, was brought on to help manage communications and scheduling. 

Lotus’ was seeing her vision grow as the pottery wheels spun and in 2017 hired, Abbie Preston to teach the Monday evening sessions.

In 2019, she hired Jacob Villalobos to teach the Thursday evening session and Gabo Martinez joined the team and the Touch n’Go specialist. 

New studio


Lotus found Third Coast Clay was outgrowing the home studio we all loved and found a new studio location. More details to come.




2021 New home of TCC


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